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Ink Fingerprinting

Quality fingerprints are captured using Ink that is placed on fingers, then rolled onto a fingerprint card approved by States, FBI, FINRA, etc.

Hire trained fingerprint technicians.
Provide FD258 cards for FREE!
Competitive pricing.

LiveScan Fingerprinting

Livescan fingerprinting- Uses state of -the-art digital devices to scan fingerprints

Collects personal information and transmits fingerprints to government agencies, employers, licensing entities.
Helps avoid smudging, smearing, and over or under inking
Competitive Pricing.
Only Takes 15 Minutes.


Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

Individuals seeking to work at financial firms, are required to be fingerprinted & approved by FINRA. We can transmit electronic submissions directly to FINRA, which allow for faster processing time, quality fingerprints & reduced rejection rates.

Submitting fingerprints to FINRA electronically reduces the time for producing results.
To protect investors and ensure the market integrity.
FINRA is authorized by congress to protect investors by making sure the broker-dealer industry operates fairly and honestly.

FBI Channeling

We provide individuals, attorneys, rental housing developments, etc. with an Identity History Summary (criminal history record) – listing certain information taken from fingerprint submissions kept by the FBI & related to arrests & in some instances, federal employment, naturalization, etc.

Provides a complete summary of an individuals criminal history .
Information in the report is collected from the federal, state, & local governments.
Receive results within 24-48 hours.
Reasons for request may be for : immigration, adoption, court matters, personal review, employment, etc.

Electronic Fingerprint (Live Scan) Imprint to Hard Cards

We are able to capture fingerprints electronically & print multiple cards. This is the perfect solution for businesses, or individuals that need licensing in multiple states.

Capture fingerprints on livescan system & print multiple FD258 cards.
Saves time when multiple cards are needed for various states.
Competitive Pricing


Alcohol, Tabacco & Firearm

The National Firearms Act is now in effect, which requires gun shop owners to capture fingerprints of individuals wanting to buy silencers and firearms.We now offer: Gun Shop Fingerprinting. Enroll your customers for background checks with us.

We provide ATF compliant EFT file services to individuals who are required to complete form 1 or form 4 via ATF's eForms portal.
Appointments available regularly.

Transmission To FDLE (FD258 Cards)

Have your fingerprints taken in one state and forward to USA Mobile Fingerprinting for transmission to FDLE (Florida Department Law Enforcement).

Reduces processing time for results.
Competitive pricing.


Fingerprints & demographic data is stored, reducing the need to have fingerprints rescanned (2 years). Signed disclosure agreements are kept for the 2- year period.

Retain fingerprints for 2 years.
Eliminates time required to visit a Fingerprint company.
Request FD258 cards as needed.